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About Us

 As artisans, we at Beqaj Refinishing, believe that it is our company's duty to complete the customer's vision of the project. And this means: professionalism and high priority to details, using the environmentally friendly materials and applying them properly to the project in order to guarantee the customer's satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Along with quality, being responsive to our clients is one of our top priorities. Beqaj Refinishing takes seriously every client, every proposal and every project. Our founder, Eduard Beqaj, is involved in every step (estimate, preparing matching samples, and executing e every piece with care and dedication), and is aware of every project's progress to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it's an old desk that needs a new life, or an unfinished furniture that needs a custom stain, or an outdated kitchen that a family wants to give it a new look, Beqaj Refinsihing wants to make your ideas become reality. We offer our services on-site or in the shop, based on the type of painting, finish and stain preferred. Our attention to the details and care of the client's surroundings has made our clients loyal to our ompany and our services.

Customer Satisfaction

Let's just say the truth: everyone wants to renovate an old kitchen, the grandpa's desk or an old vintage library without spending a fortune. Beqaj Refinishing offers competitive prices and a supreme quality. Just take a look at our testimonials...

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